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With extensive experience in the transport of goods at controlled temperature, refrigerated transport, we can assure that they always arrive at destination in the best possible conditions and in the earliest time: temperature-controlled transport, general cargo transport, transport of value goods, transport of dangerous goods, oversized transports, transport of goods requiring special conditions (perishable goods, diplomatic goods).

We perform transports in all European countries, namely:
»Exports from Romania to Europe
»Imports from Europe to Romania

Countries we can offer transportation in are as follows:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Portugal.

Types of refrigerated transports we offer to our customers are as follows:
the deep freezed transport - for frozen fish, frozen meat, frozen vegetables, etc., having a temperature of - 20 degrees
refrigerated transport -
for food or goods that do not require deep freezing, but only cooling at a certain temperature.

Domestic and international transport services:
General cargo transportation (grouping, storage, customs, distribution), transport of chemicals, reduced weight transport, refrigerated and temperature controlled transport, transport of soft goods on hangers, priority transport, intermediate transport, expeditions, specialized transport for tourism.

Beside transportation, we come to support you and your business with the following related services: Optimal calculation of routes, delivery schedule of goods which is flexible and tailored to the clients needs, traceability of goods on the route from the loading point to the delivery point.